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9th Jun, 2014

I think i'm gonna make this into my dream diary. Because i have some of the wackiest, most absurd dreams ever!

Case in point today. I think there were zombies. But also some not so mindless bad guys. There was some basic running around the city, up and down some stairs, etc. Until i got to an apartement, where there was a little girl and, also, a former coworker. He was sleeping, but i played with the girl until she fell asleep, as well. And then a woman's voice came from outside the window to let me know she knew i was there. I tried to get the child to stay low and was going for her brother, but suddenly the woman was inside.
And then i tries to save everybody by distracting her with my sweet necksucking. One thing led to another, and i think i got her blond long hair and face covered in cake r sth. And then i honestly left her for only a short period of time to come back as fast as i could. Only she didn't think so and next thing i know (we had managed to relocate outside somehow), i'm seeing myself from a third-person pov. She has managed to climb into her huge white robot unicorn, and is screeching at me, while i have turned into Chris Crocker, looking fabulous in my silver sequin minidress and my cock out, as well, running out of a tent and after her, brandishing a two-headed dildo shaped like a Y.

This, ladies and gents, is my dreamworld.


damn, since my hdd died in Feb i haven't had time to deal with manga. and now to find that the backup that i made of my cleaned scans is corrupt...fuck me, i don't wanna let everybody down, but i have. goddamn. i'll try restoring my old hdd's partitions and maybe get the files, but i doubt it.

New Year

all hail those who hath discovereth teh createst hangover cure of all times - more drinking! i am totally ok atm, was not so okay after first day of drinking. a bit cold, but that's totally alright (it may be that that is what's keeping my hangover at bay). a few minutes, and then i'll start watching Tour de Ski and cheering on Petra Majdic (teh best).

ok, hope the internet has managed two days without me:)


10th Dec, 2010

do you know what the N900 needs? a classic Nokia calendar. where my birthday reminders repeat themselves along with the birthday. i have this problem that i can remember everybody's birthday until that day actually arrives.

on other news, gonna finish this day off with Misfits and Fringe. hoping laughs from the first and awesome action from the latter.

this is why i use twitter - my thoughts are rarely longer than 140 letters and are just snippets.

i've got to pull myself together, get a grip and get on with my studies.


someday i'll have time and make my own mood pics.


Merlin finale

it was slightly awesome, but marred by the romantic shit between Arthur and Gwen. but fear not my friends, for there is hope! as we all know, the legend says that Guinevere runs off with Lancelot and betrays Arthur. i just wish that it would happen in the next season.
ok, so we didn't get any magical revelations this season as well. BUT, now that Morgana's gone batshit crazy and unleashed her evil magic, we can hope for epic battles between her and Merlin in the upcoming season.

oh, btw, anybody else find the place Merlin deposited the sword a wee bit shabby? i mean, a piece of small rock in plain sight's not gonna actually keep it safe now, is it?:D

P.S. much studying needed to be done. will not do any of it.
P.P.S. if Arthur doesn't see what is right in front of him, i hope Gwaine will. Gwaine x Merlin (L)


but it does...

having some existential problems.
srsly, Amarok or LJ, why can't you get along?


blogging from my superawesome n900! test post to see what needs tweaking.


2nd Dec, 2010

don't know if this is gonna be a blog. probably not because i've got twitter - twitter.com/madli and plenty of previous blogs, most noted one here (in Estonian) - seganesass.blogspot.com (where i've stopped posting due to the awesomeness of twitter).

EDIT: sweet as fuck is the fact that although i've been following Attractive Fascinante's releases for about 3 years now, i won't be accepted to the community. indeed, i did not comment on any of their posts for i did not feel the need to make yet another blog account where i wouldn't be posting anyway (oh sweet life of twitter). i can understand some of the reasoning, but i sure hope my point makes at least a little bit of sense. if Moon in a Box follows the same reasoning, i'm screwed.



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